Our brand tells what we do.

With the proven track record of our leadership in healthcare industry dating back to 1999, Health and Digital Inc. has been adding value to several projects and clients across the globe since 2015. Our focus is only healthcare, where we specialize in healthcare projects, medical supplies and health tourism. Our clients benefit from our commitment to ensure feasibility, performance and quality, as well as our result oriented approach.

As the flagship of our core businesses, we have been handling healthcare projects in partnership with DTC, the leading project firm in the region. Our capabilities cover end-to-end solutions from the procurement and installation of medical equipment, up to the full project management until the commissioning of each facility. We take full responsibility of the entire project cycle, where our clients are not only the private investors, but governments or medical universities as well.

After decades of professional background, our strong global network also ended up with our second core business, where we stand among the leading global supplier of medical supplies. In years, our picky and passionate business approach created full satisfaction of numerous clients which made us a trusted solution partner. As an independent company, we have no exclusive relationship with any global manufacturer or supplier. Therefore, we guarantee our clients the impartial and objective advice that will help them secure the highest quality/cost ratio.

Proudly speaking, health tourism is our third core businesses, where we have been providing B2B and B2C solutions within the EMENA region. Our inhouse management and their sales team of over 30 agents have, again, a proven track record in end-to-end management of patients through digital lead handling. We are also excited with our upcoming digital platform, which we believe, will be revolutionary in online doctor consultations for international patients.

We always believe in the power of communication, which is the strongest tool to turn ideas into actuals. We are looking forward to communicating about your needs.

So let us give that a go!