Are you planning a new hospital? Or a modernization or expansion? We have over 30 years of experience in handling hospital projects of every scale.

We execute from the start - to the final handover. Our clients enjoy relying on our comprehensive services ranging from the medical and architectural design, planning and installation to the start-up of operation.

Majority of the hospital projects ultimately designed by our experienced team have incorporated the need to accommodate an organization’s future projections of growth and expansion in response to client identified needs. We have provided Master Plans for numerous hospitals and  clinics.  Master planning functions have included a broad scope of services including:

  • Complete evaluation of existing conditions
  • Identification of adjacency issues
  • Programming of future needs and requirements
  • Planning design to accommodate projections
  • Prioritization and budgeting of work packages

We have conducted PNAs (Physical Needs Assessments) for numerous clients, either as independent studies or as components of programming work performed for design projects. These Needs Assessments have been performed for hospitals and clinics, both for private clients or for governments. We usually conduct in-depth surveys of all departments, investigated adjacency requirements and equipment needs. From this information, our experienced team generats a functional space program to accommodate the hospital requirements.

Most of our international clients (and/or their financers) hire us to prepare a study to indicate the their current and future space needs, any existing shortcomings, options for growth, and specific sites that might be suitable for future relocation.  Then we provide in-depth analyses of each alternative, including cost estimates, and make a final recommendation. Sometimes, this service becomes one of the initial steps before/during our turn-key execution service to our clients.