As the leading builder of healthcare facilities within the EMENA region, we successfuly completed over 100 healthcare projects since 1995. The key to this successful track record, has been keeping the end users in mind – not only the investors but also their decision makers and influencers such as doctors, caregivers, scientists, researchers, teachers and more. Because, today’s sophisticated facilities and accelerated business environments place greater demands on the entire project team. It’s not just about building great buildings; it’s about engaging the right people at the right time. It’s about establishing thoughtful processes to eliminate waste and maximize resources. It’s about exceeding expectations and delivering a better experience for customers and their end-users.

Our proven team of architects, engineers, managers and specialists dissect each project in detail, offering inventive low-cost solutions for achieving better outcomes. We integrate early and support customers in meeting their cost targets while maintaining high standards of quality and schedule. More than simply a high-tech contractor, we become a strategic partner—someone you can trust and count on to build great things for you, both during and after construction.

Core services

Our range of services include but are not limited with:

  • Master planning, not only architectural, but also strategic, medical and biomedical
  • Conceptual design
  • Interior design
  • Entire construction work
  • Construction controlling services, if the construction is done by the investor or by other third parties
  • Renovation of the existing facilities
  • Expansion of the existing facilities